24″ Stealth LED Grow Box With Hydroponic System

Increased yield with Flower Power

Stealth 24″ 6 Site Hydroponic LED Grow Box By Hellogrower®. Powerful fan for exhaust and fresh air intake. Powerful Muli spectrum LED Grow Light equivalent to a 125 watt standard bulb. Very low power consumption & low operating temperature. 100% mylar lined – to maximize light output. Lockable ( not Included) – if you need extra security. Very user-friendly and great for first-time growers. Timer- makes setting light schedule simple and automated. Very low light emission – thanks to sealed front door and shaded rear vents with replacable carbon filter to control unwanted odors. Great for first-time growers. Great for small stealth grow, SOG grow , autoflowers or clones. The 6 Site Bubble Tub Kit Contains: 1 – 6 Quart Tub 13.75″W 8″ D 4.75″T, One – 6 Site Lid, 6 – 2 ” Net Pots, 6 – Rockwool Plugs, 1 – Air Pump, 1/4″ Tubing, 1/4″ Barbed “T” connector, 2 – Bubble Stones, and Hydrostone Grow Medium. What makes this system better than ALL the rest? 1. MORE AIR & Bubbles! Two air stones for better air distribution. Overall Measurements 24″ Tall 15″ Wide 16 Deep. Shipped Discrete BoxSuper Stealth Hydroponic Grow System
Everything You Need Just Add The Seeds

Price: $399.00

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