Phenohunting and Breeding Stable Cannabis Seeds with Nathaniel Pennington

Nathaniel Pennington is the Founder and CEO of Humboldt Seed Company. He has been supplying high-quality cannabis seeds to growers since 2001. In 2018 they hosted the World’s Largest Phenotype Hunt, teaming with local farmers, industry experts, and top researchers, many of whom are CannMed alumni. We talked about the Mega Phenohunt Project as well as Nat’s process for breeding consistent and reproducible cannabis seeds. Topics include:

– The Phenotype Rating Sheet used to evaluate plants
– The process of creating stable, purebred lines
– Why Humboldt Seed Company chooses to sell purebred lines
– Benefits of growing from seed rather than clone
– Benefits of autoflower varieties and common misconceptions
– The importance of legacy growers collaborating with academics and researchers

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Founded in 1999, Advanced Nutrients was the first to develop a complete nutrient system that unlocks the true genetic potential of the cannabis plant. Since its inception, the brand has introduced more than 50 innovations to the cultivation community, and continues to revolutionize the space through proprietary scientific discoveries.

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