Germinating Old and Valuable Cannabis Seeds – Using enzymes from beans:) 20 Year Old Malawi Gold

Increased yield with Flower Power
People were asking about the Malawi Gold seeds I started earlier and how to use the “Bean” method I mentioned in that video. (2 of 5 Malawi sprouted)
This video shows how I use that “bean” method and the enzymes to start old or partially immature cannabis seeds:)
I also started the same seeds in 3 different types of liquids, to show the difference and effectiveness of each.
1-Just Distilled Water
2-Just Enzymes from sprouting Beans
3-Enzymes, Yucca, Aloe and Fulvic
The genetics are: 20 year old Malawi Gold, My last 3 Grandpas Breath seeds and the Original Fruity Pebbles OG 🙂
!!!NOTE: This is NOT some magic potion…the most important part to starting seeds is a constant temp around 80F and darkness 🙂
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