GERMINATING CANNABIS SEEDS – simple paper towel ziplock bag technique.

This video is for beginner or first time cannabis growers to demonstrate one of the easiest techniques for germinating cannabis seeds.
You will need
– Heat mat and Thermostat from a grow or garden store (thermostat is very important to make sure you don’t overheat your seeds)
– Paper towel
– Ziplock bag
– Non-chlorine clean water
– 2 dinner plates

Put your set up indoors out of direct sunlight, set your thermostat to 85F, and wait 36 hours. All of the seeds should sprout after 36 hours (have a little tap root popping out of the seed).

You will then need to transplant your germinated seeds to soil filled pots – so have those ready for our next video – Transplanting Your Cannabis Seeds to Soil 🙂

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